Magnificent Meetings (as opposed to boring, unproductive meetings)

If you’re a small business owner, president, director or an employee that’s watched a company go from an idea to full fledged profitable business many of your practices have grown organically. As you’ve grown you’ve added systems, employees, reports and probably meetings. But are they magnificent meetings?

Do you have the right meetings?Meetings

  • 1:1 (weekly, prescheduled meetings with each of your direct reports)
  • A Staff Meeting (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with all direct reports)
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  • All Staff Meeting (monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • Project Kick-Off Meetings

Consider adding all of these important meetings to effectively run your business. Studies show that implementing 1:1 meetings with your direct reports will actually reduce the number of times people ‘pop into your office for a quick question’ giving you more time to complete your own work. Plus, if implemented effectively, 1:1’s can increase employee engagement.

More on effective 1:1 meetings here cheap lioresal at the Manager-Tools podcast.

3 Meeting Killers

1. Meeting participates want to participate in a meeting and not just be purchase dopoxetine talked at. Be sure to allow time to engage participants in a discussion, a brainstorm and report updates.
2. Unplanned, unprepared meetings are a drag. No one wants to begrudgingly attend a meeting only as a requirement of a job/project that has no agenda. No one! This reminds me of the 7 P Rule (Prior, Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss Poor Performance). Prepare an agenda and/or have a plan defining clearly what success looks like (state of the business communicated, a decision made, a brainstorm, clear project updates, team building, etc.).
3. Meetings are ultra annoying when they start late and run long. Be firm about when the meeting will start, how long it will run and stick too it.

Are your meetings magnificent?

Aside from participants engaging in a meeting that has an agenda and one that starts and ends on time, here are some additional ideas to make your meetings magnificent.

Richard Branson suggests ‘Keeping it Novel’. Freshen up your meetings once in a while to keep them fresh and exciting. (Forbes 11 Simple Tips for Having Great Meetings)

Start the meeting on a positive note. This sets the tone for the meeting. I personally love to start a meeting with a round of appreciation that I call Bucket Filling (based on the best selling book). As the leader I toss a ball (or crumbled up piece of paper) to a participant and verbally appreciate them. Just something simple. Then they piggyback on this idea by tossing it to someone else while appreciating the next person and so on until everyone has been appreciated at least once. I always ask participants to stand up during this activity to raise the energy level. More ideas from Five weeeeeeird tips for great meetings.

For more tips read Google’s Rules for a Great Meeting.

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