#10 – Revisit Your Professional Goal

{20 Ways to Love Your Professional Self}

Amy McGeachy, HR Consulting & Executive Coach, is blogging every work day during the month of February about 20 Ways to Love Your Professional Self. Take good care of your professional self and check back regularly to be inspired.

#10 – Revisit Your Professional Goal

Have you taken steps towards achieving the goal you set out to accomplish back on February 1st? What do you need to do to complete this goal within the next two weeks? There are exactly two weeks left in February. Make the effort and designate time to work towards achieving this goal.

It is difficult to play a sport without goals and equally difficult to play the game of life without them. ~ Water the Bamboo Rule

Accountability breeds response-ability. ~ Steven Covey

xoxo ~ Amy


Amy McGeachy is an HR Consultant & Executive Coach in Portland, Oregon. Amy is a certified HR Professional (PHR) through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In February Amy is blogging about {20 Ways to Love Your Professional Self}. Check in daily to be inspired.

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