#20 – Accountability is Key

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#20 – Accountability is Key

Accountability is a key factor in achieving professional goals. Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound) goals certainly is challenging yet following through and achieving those SMART goals is the real clincher. The return on your investment (ROI) of setting SMART goals is significantly increased if you have built accountability into the process.

Accountability can come in several different formats and each business professional will have their own preference for being held accountable. While some professionals feel they can hold themselves accountable others look to external sources for accountability. Some suggestions include; developing a relationship with a colleague who you can depend on as an accountability partner. The benefit of this type of relationship is that it’s a give and take where you might be able to hold them accountable as well. The negative on this is that depending on the person you may be able to wiggle out of deadlines. Another option is to work with an executive coach who can help you develop smart goals and also be sure that you are on tract and held accountable to achieve your goals. The benefit with this approach is that there isn’t usually much wiggle room and this person is focused 100% on you and your success. The negative is that using an executive coach does cost money.

Either way it’s imperative that accountability is built in to your goals. Successful business professionals know that deadlines, expectations and accountability play a large part in their career achievements.

Speaking of accountability… How did you do with achieving the professional goal you set earlier this month? Were you successful in fulfilling that goal? Did you check it off your list? I would love to hear more what you were able to achieve. Comment below or email if it’s more appropriate amy@mcgeachyconsulting.com.

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