3 Accountability Tactics for Busy Professionals

Accountability is the Key to Make Your Goals a Reality.

I don’t know about you but without some firm accountability in place my goals can quickly slip out of my hands. Accountability is a huge part of the work I do coaching clients and the number one reason people fail professionally. These three accountability tactics help make those goals a reality. If you’re serious about the goals you set out to achieve take a few minutes to build in accountability.

1)   Set a Deadline: Take this strategy one step further and tell a few people, or a few hundred people via social media, that you have a deadline looming. It’s funny what a little outside pressure will do.

2)   Track Your Progress: Yes, make it a habit to track your progress. Depending on your goal utilize; pen/paper, excel or even awesome apps like HabitForge or Ritual.

3)   Reward Yourself: Give yourself a little carrot (incentive) by setting up a reward for accomplishing your goal.

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Accountabilityreward yourself

Reward Examples:

  • Workout, eat clean for a week = one delicious treat at the end
  • Schedule career focused networking meetings/lunches = a new suit or accessory to help you look spectacular
  • Finish a huge project at work = a day off with no responsibilities

What do you think?

Have you been successful building accountability into your professional life? If so, how do you hold yourself accountable? Comment in the posts below.

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