4 Tips to Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations; Job Search, Fitness, Sales Goal, You Name it.

You can either have excuses or results but you cannot have both.

Self-Imposed Limitations

I recently used this quote in my Inner Circle newsletter. The result? It resonated with so many people. I had numerous “replies” and I have since pinned it on Pinterest with the same result. In complete transparency I got the original quote from Pinterest and modified it just slightly (you didn’t think I came up with that brilliant line did you?).

We get into a project and can find one hundred reasons why we’re not successful. We get so distracted by the reasons we are NOT able to reach our goals that we forget to dig deep and really push through the pain to get results. This is true if you’re working on a project (Health Care Reform anyone?), looking for a new job, trying to get in shape, meet a sales goal and so on.

What can you do to dig deep and push past the self-imposed limitations? Here are a couple of my favorite tips:

1. Focus on what’s going right
2. Acquaint yourself with other people who have been successful reaching the same goal
3. When you find yourself disillusioned about the goal do one thing, no matter how small, towards achieving your goal
4. Tell yourself ‘I think I can, I think I can…’

What do you like to do to help move beyond self-imposed limitations? Come on…dish your secrets!

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