5 Professional Resolutions for 2012 (pick one)

It’s not too late to make a professional resolution for 2012. Take a look at the list below to help you come up with the perfect resolution for you.

1. Resolve to Career Plan

Ever say, “After this job I’m going to _______ (fill in the blank)”. What have you done to put the plan in place to get to that next step? Most of us don’t sit down and take the necessary time to figure out what we are capable of in our career and let alone what we want to do. Do this for yourself. What’s your 5 year plan? What contributions do you want to make to your industry? What do you want to be known for?

 2. Define the Elusive Work/Life Balance and Capture It

For as many business professionals that I know there are as many perceptions of work/life balance. One person’s idea of a perfect balance involves 50+ hour weeks with half of that working from a home office. Another person finds balance in traveling 40% for work. While still another person works part time to find balance. Your ‘perfect’ balance is out there and it’s up to you to discover and define it and make it a reality. Can you take the time to define this ‘perfect’ balance and capture it in 2012? I think you can.

 3. Start a Confidential Job Search

You would like to start a job search and yet don’t want to rock the boat at your current employer, after all you have job and that’s something to be grateful for. What about starting a confidential job search? What proactive steps can you take to generate potential job leads without plastering your resume on every job board on the internet? Take the time to determine what your job search will look like and what type of activities you will engage in to generate activity and interest in your skills. Hint: Networking and LinkedIn would be at the top of my list.

 4. Advance Your Career (promotion, new job or education)

Some of us love what we do and at the same time don’t want to get stagnant. What can you do to advance your career in 2012? Perhaps you seek out a certification or degree? Some people resolve to get promoted into a managerial role. Take the time now to ensure that at the end of 2012 you are further along in your career than you are right now.

5. Take Steps Towards Becoming Entrepreneurial

You know who you are. You have had this business idea brewing for a while now. What are you going to do in 2012 to make this entrepreneurial idea a reality? You don’t have to launch the business in 2012, although that’s an option, you can take the steps towards becoming entrepreneurial. Come up with your game plan, business plan or marketing plan to make this dream a reality. You know who you are…resolve to do this for you.

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