# 9 – Tweet, Tweet

{20 Ways to Love Your Professional Self}

#9 – Tweet, Tweet

Have you considered the value that you bring to discussions when you are in the know about cutting edge industry related information? Twitter can really help you be ‘in the know’. This is somewhat similar to the earlier post #6 The Well Read Professional regarding following industry related blogs. Twitter offers an easy way to get updated on industry related news and best of all on Twitter the news comes to you via your twitter feed.

What? You say you don’t Tweet? At a MINIMUM set up a profile, search for industry leaders and follow their tweets. All you have to do is observe the conversation, read the news and articles being shared.

Being in the know with leading industry information is incredibly valuable and one great way to love your professional self.

xoxo ~ Amy


Amy McGeachy is an HR Consultant & Executive Coach in Portland, Oregon. Amy is a certified HR Professional (PHR) through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In February Amy is blogging about {20 Ways to Love Your Professional Self}. Check in daily to be inspired.

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