Are you Ready for your Dream Job?

Passive job seekers are not truly ‘ready’ for that dream job to come calling until they have these tools in place; resume, LinkedIn, verbal communications strategy (interviewing preparedness & networking strategy). Are you ready for your dream job to come calling?

I’ve heard this countless times…“I just had the conversation of a lifetime, I guess it was an interview, and they want my resume by Monday. Help!”

Resume: This speaks for itself. Be resume-ready by keeping your resume up to date even if you are only passively in the job market.

LinkedIn: a basic profile is essential for all business professionals. After all, it’s the #1 professional networking site for business professional and a great place to connect with colleagues, college friends and counterparts and great networks.

Communications Strategy: Determining ‘what’ to tell people when you are in a passive job search is difficult to say the least. You want your network to know that you’re open to new opportunities and what you would entertain yet you want to be cautious too. Preparing for an unexpected interview (you know the kind that started as a conversation at a cocktail party and turned into an interview in a matter of seconds) is prudent. Even if you’re not aggressively in the search identifying your key messages, what you’re looking for and buffing up on your interview skills is critical.

What about you…are you ready for your dream job?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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