Book Review: How Full is Your Bucket {A New York Times Bestseller}

As promised last month here is my book review of the NY Times Best Selling book “How Full is Your Bucket” By Tom Rath and Donald Clifton, PHD. The book is based on a tremendous amount of research and appropriately sprinkled with data throughout to back up their claims.

I found this book to be applicable to the development of a strong company culture, to a manager who is focused on motivating their team, to working one-on-one with individuals and even parenting. It is a great foundation for working with everyone. If you need to refresh your tools this is a great read. While it’s backed up by strong data and research the content is simple;

1. Prevent Bucket Dipping – Bucket dipping is when you take away from someone else’s self-confidence and well being. Also, it’s when you neglect to do something that would have filled someone’s bucket (self-confidence/well-being).
2. Shine a Light on What is Right – Spend your time and energy focusing on what’s going well.
3. Make Best Friends – Create an environment that trusting relationships flourish where people feel supported and challenged.
4. Give Unexpectedly – Fill other people’s buckets unexpectedly. Not just during performance appraisal time or during an awards ceremony.
5. Reverse the Golden Rule – Don’t do unto others what you would like, do unto others what they would like. Each person is motivated and prefers their bucket filled in a different way. Some prefer public praise, others private. Get to know people and learn what type of recognition fills their bucket the best.

The book also comes with a special access code to the Strengths Finder Assessment. The assessment evaluates individuals by way of an online assessment to determine your top 5 strengths. When I took the assessment I found it to be eerily accurate and validating. Gallop, the company that produced this and many other best selling books, creatively won’t just sell you the assessment code. You have to purchase a book to get it. The books are only $10-15 so it’s a great value however, it would be nice to be able to purchase the assessment alone. A creative way to get your book to the top of the NY Times bestselling list I suppose? I’ve enjoyed many of the Gallop books and therefore have an extra Strengths Finder code that I will give to one lucky reader. I will gladly give it to the first person who comments below on this book review and requests the code. Don’t wait!

Through Amazon I noticed that there is also a book, “How Full is Your Bucket” for kids. I ordered it and love, love, love it. My 2 & 4 year old request to read it regularly and my 4 year old asks if she’s “filling my bucket” when she does chores around the house. Worth every penny!

Have you read this or any of the other Gallop books? What did you think?

6 Responses to Book Review: How Full is Your Bucket {A New York Times Bestseller}

  1. me,me,me! i need to reassess to successfully move forward 🙂
    LOVE the bucket filling for kids concept… we often use this terminology at home as the kids learned about it from their 2nd grade teachers~

  2. Amy, as a manager who draws much inspiration from reading books authored by people who know waaaay more than me, I cannot wait to read this book! I suspect I will find particular value in the section about reversing the Golden Rule…it is a key to good leadership!

  3. I’m getting this one—looks like good info for parenting especially. I can think of a couple of times I probably took some stuff OUT of my kids’ buckets this week ;( I could use some guidance!


  4. Thanks Amy – you are such a fabulous career coach!!! This book sounds great; I am also interested in the one for kids. I am always looking for good parenting tips.

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