Career Setback Got You Down?

Career Setback Got You Down?Have you ever skipped happily along your merry career path expecting one outcome and then BAM you experience a major setback? Clients tell me stories like this a lot and this one steals the show. Learn how one client overcame an excruciating career setback and how it inspired me.

Career Setback: Derailed from pursing an MBA
Recently I was on the edge of my ergonomically correct office chair as I listened to a a new client explain to me why at age 45 she was starting her Bachelors Degree program at Penn State even though she had previously completed a BA. You can see why I was curious right? Why pursue another BA if you already had one? Perplexed I listened intently. While preparing to take her next step in her education, an MBA, she discovered that yes she had completed her BA but the university was NOT accredited. The degree that she worked so hard for while maintaining a full-time job, doesn’t count. She would have to start all over. My client had no idea that the program wasn’t accredited and you can imagine her surprise, heartbreak and disappointment.

She went on to tell me how she had picked herself back up from this grave ordeal. My client explained that she had to fulfill her personal goal of achieving her degree from an accredited university. She’s starting her degree program at Penn State and expects to complete it within two years (while working full time and being newly married).

This story gets a little more personal; my own setback
Recently I broke the threshold in terms of coaching hours to apply for an advanced level certificate through the ICF (International Coach Federation). Foolishly, I had thought this was merely an administrative step now that I had a certain number of coaching hours an had already gone through an approved coach training institute receiving a certification. I figured this was no big deal and would amount to me applying, submitting the detailed coaching log that I’ve been tracking and paying the hefty fee. Not so fast!

Its actually going to include me working with a Mentor Coach on an ongoing basis, applying, submitting the detailed coaching log and passing an oral exam. Yes, an exam! All of this amounts to more time than I expected, way more stress and no surprise more money. About $2k more to be exact. I actually welcome working with a mentor coach, I believe all coaches need ongoing mentoring. The stress of passing an oral exam and the cost had me pretty bummed out. I don’t want to spend the time, money or add any more stress to my life. As a business owner and the mom of two young girls my life has enough stress thank you very much. All that said after going through the Grief Process and mourning my easy administrative process I’m moving on from the setback. I’m going to reluctantly pursue the advanced coach certification because of the long-term gain and the long-term focus on my career goals. What are you doing to continue to develop yourself professionally? What obstacles are in your way?

How to overcome career setbacks
1) Keep focused on the big picture. Remain steadfast on the long-term goals and less focused on the short-term pain of the setback.
2) Dwell on it temporarily. Yes, take some time to be saddened by the setback, whatever time you need. Set an end date for your dwelling and be prepared to move on with actionable steps.

What career setbacks have gotten you down? How have you been able to overcome them?

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