DIY Power Resume

Professional Resume

All job seekers want a resume that is professional, is comprised of an up-to-date format and will get the results they are looking for. The DIY Power Resume is modern, packed with metrics and numbers and user friendly. You will love this professional resume!

This is the same great Power Resume on your time frame and budget friendly. Get started within minutes of purchasing the package!

DIY Power Resume Package includes:

1) The DIY Power Resume audio
2) The Power Resume Template PDF
3) The plug-n-play Power Resume Template (Word)

Investment: $29 Purchase the DIY Power Resume

Client Testimony for the DIY Power Resume

“Before I used the DIY Power Resume template I had been actively searching for employment since 2011 (over a year) without any callbacks for interviews. In June 2012, I switched over to the Power Resume template and began having callbacks for interviews in July 2012. Since then I’ve been receiving more callbacks, and I’ve been very grateful for the functionality of the DIY Power Resume. I would highly recommend it for others to utilize.”

~ Marie Ruediger, Writer, San Diego, CA

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