Does the 80/20 Rule Apply to Employee Satisfaction?

Does the 80/20 Rule apply when it comes to employee satisfaction? You might think this seems like an appropriate statistic. In the current economy, a little less than half of the US workforce is satisfied with their job. It’s somewhat shocking considering the high unemployment rate and general feeling of “at least I have a job”.

A couple of things that businesses in the fast-growing mode can do to maintain or enhance employee satisfaction include;

    • Communicate Regularly – Communicate company goals on a regular basis with employees and especially work hard to find ways to directly link an employees‘ job duties to the overall company goals.
    • Establish Building Blocks – Employees need to have their basic needs taken care of in order to thrive in the work environment. Implement an employee handbook to provide a clear understanding of the working environment.
    • Provide Feedback – In the form of a performance appraisal and also one-on-one meetings. Employees want to know where they stand.

The 80/20 Rule is certainly a target that most employers should strive for and implementing strategies to increase the overall satisfaction a great step towards reaching that goal.


Amy McGeachy is an HR Consultant & Executive Coach in Portland, Oregon. Amy is a Certified HR Professional (PHR) through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), a Certified Coach through the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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