Employee Engagement and It’s Link to Profitability

Whoa, I saw this infographic from 15Five and have been startled ever since reading the statistics about employee engagement and it’s impact on the workforce. I’ve been consuming these workplace stats for some time in various articles but viewing them all in one visual graphic really makes a profound impact. As an employee or employer what can you do to improve employee engagement among your workforce?

The Feedback Gap

“98% of employee who receive little to no feedback from there managers are disengaged.” Employees who receive feedback focused on their strengths are 10x more likely to be engaged than those who receive feedback focused on their weaknesses. What can you do?
1) Provide more feedback to your employees
2) Give feedback focused on your employees strengths

The workplace fact above that discloses the gap between how employers see the role of feedback in the workplace and how employees view the amount of feedback is no surprise to me. I’ve heard this from employees countless times, “I don’t receive any feedback”, “when I get feedback it’s always critical”, “I haven’t had a regular 1:1 meeting with my manager”, “I’ve never had a performance review in the 5 years that I’ve worked here”. I’ve come to the conclusion that as an employer we can not give enough positive feedback and constructive coaching. We simply can’t. Your employees are like sponges and they want to know that they are heading in the right direction and that you value their work. If not, course correct, and send them in the right direction.

I’m not talking about over praising mediocre work “good job on that email you sent this morning about the new first aid kits”. No, not that kind of feedback. I’m talking about being engaged with your workforce, tracking their progress, noticing a job well done and taking the time to provide feedback. This is about you engaging with your workforce. Weekly 1:1 meetings with your direct reports is a great place to start.

Getting Started

1. The single most effective management tool is meeting with your direct reports in a 1:1 meeting on a weekly basis. Learn how this work via Manager Tools free podcast.
2. Start by providing positive feedback to your direct reports a minimum of 1 time per week. Really go out of your way to acknowledge the employee for their work, accomplishment, ideas. Keep a list if you need in order to stay focused and make sure that you acknowledge everyone.
3. Use CoachingQ’s to open up your communication style and provide space for your employees to share their ideas.
4. If you’re a leader in an organization and the task seems insurmountable you’re probably right. Instead, pick 3-5 influential leaders who are your direct reports and really feed them with feedback. See where feeding a few leaders at the top can influence your whole organization by trickling down to others.

Share Your Ideas:

What have you done to beat Team Fatigue among your workgroup? Share in the comments below.


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Amy McGeachy is an HR Consultant & Professional Development Coach in Portland Metro Area. Amy is a certified HR Professional (PHR) through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a Certified Coach through the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Amy works with businesses in the areas of training, recruitment, employee relations and strategic HR. Contact Amy to learn more.

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