Group Facilitation & Team Building

When was the last time you held a business retreat? Really devoted yourself to investing in your team? Spent the kind of deeply focused time that allows the team to get on the same page, think strategically, build/deepen rapport, and solve critical business issues? Has it been more than a year? It’s time to get your retreat scheduled.

Is Amy the right facilitator for your group?

It’s hard to make it feel new and you did that!

Thank you for doing an awesome job facilitating the retreat. I really appreciated the little surprises throughout the retreat and several ideas I’d not seen before which made it enjoyable and new for me. It’s hard to make it feel new and you did that!


Heidi Johnson-Bixby
President/Owner, Johnson Bixby & Associates
Business Retreat Facilitation

Thank you Amy.

Thank you Amy – you did such a great job organizing our group, facilitating and moderating our leadership retreat!  We are definitely on to something – a good thing that should take us to the next level and we need you to get there!


Karen R.
VP of Sales, VT Group
Leadership Retreat Facilitation