HR Guidebook – Is HR this organized and proactive at your business?

One of my fast-growing business clients is getting their very own HR Guidebook this week. The highly personalized guidebook includes all of the things they are currently doing when it comes to HR as well as some goals and areas of improvement. The book is comprised of sections such as; HR Strategy, Recruitment, Onboarding, Training, Comp & Benefits, Workforce Communications, Employee Relations and HR Admin.

Oh it’s going to feel so good to be this organized!

We started this process back in May by conducting an HR Assessment. Out of the assessment came some awareness of the need to upgrade HR within their organization and we’ve been busy ever since making improvements. This HR Guidebook is NOT the type of guide that sits on a shelf. It’s meant to be used, added to, edited and grow with the organization. I suppose you could say they are “Going Pro” from an HR Perspective. Getting all “corporate” and all…kidding! Most of my clients shun the idea of becoming corporate. This is simply one way to make sure that all of the bases are covered and develop building blocks towards advancing the business.

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