Interview Confirmation? Get prepared with these real-life job interview questions

Are You Ready for a Job Interview?

Do you wonder what questions you may be asked during a job interview? I recently worked on two executive searches for a Fortune 500 company in the heart of New York City and here are a few of my favorite interview questions from the search.

Sample Interview Questions:Interview Questions

1. Give me an example of a time you ran into a problem and how did you prevail?
2. Tell me about a person on your team (or a peer) who you have coached and mentored.
3. What are you most proud of in your career?
4. What is one thing (or decision) you would have done differently looking back at your career?
5. Tell me about a project that you managed that was successful.
6. Tell me about a project that you managed that failed.
7. Why are you looking to make a career move right now?
8. What are 2-3 things that would cause you to make a move right now?
9. Of the companies you’ve worked for which one had the best culture and why?
10. Given the job announcement, what makes you qualified for this opportunity?

How would you do in an interview answering these questions on the spot? Take a minute and circle the one’s you struggle with and work on finding the best possible answer. If you need help with your interviewing skills either for a promotion in your current company or a new company consider a coaching session to build your skills and confidence.

Do you like the interview questions above? Click here to request even more so that you can practice your interviewing skills.

What Job Interview Questions Have Stumped You in the Past?

What interview questions have you gotten that have left you stumped? Answer in the comment section below.


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