Job Search and Interview Coaching

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Most people don’t start a job search with a strategy. They start by sending a resume to a friend or colleague and hope for the best. In order to get ahead of the game it’s important to start by mapping out your end goal and your job search strategy and tactics. Clients who do this extra step find much more success and expedite their job search.

McGeachy Consulting has many years of executive job search experience with companies ranging from large Fortune 500s to small business. It is not the responsibility of recruiters and hiring managers to tell you why you didn’t get the job. You need a coach to tell you truthfully what strengths to highlight and how to overcome any weaknesses so that you can ace any interview.

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I highly recommend her to anyone seeking career advice.

After making a conscious decision to leave my declining industry I went to Amy for coaching and advice in order to change career fields. Amy was very instrumental in helping me sort out my skill sets, understand the most transferable skills, and identify the top 10-15 companies that would be a good match for my skills sets, personal values and goals. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking career advice.

~ Curt Roberts

Amy did an excellent job for me.

She not only revised my resume, she “re-messaged” me. The result was a resume that set me apart from the crowd and put me at the top of many recruiter’s lists. I received very positive comments from prospective employers about my resume and, more importantly, received several attractive job offers. Amy also provided excellent coaching to get me get started with the search process. I highly recommend working with her.


~Gary C.
Professional Development Coaching Client