Labor Day Already?


Creative Commons License photo credit: Andreanna Moya Photography

Alas summer is coming to an end and Labor Day is nearly upon us. Did you know that Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882? It was actually a rally in support of the eight hour work day (as opposed to 16!) and other more suitable working conditions. We have come so far with many businesses offering flexible work schedules, telecommuting and our state and federal laws providing basic structure such as overtime, breaks and minimum wage.

On this Labor Day I challenge you to think about what you can do to enhance the time you spend at work. Employees; what suggestions can you make to improve your work experience. Managers; what can you do to make the working experience better for your employees? Improve efficiency by way of technology, establish a mentor program, adopt industry best practices, etc. I would love to hear your answers in the comments section below!

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