Q4: What happened to your 2011 goals?

Q4 is upon us and we now have less than 90 days until the end of 2011. What are you doing to prepare for 2012? What was on your list of things to get done in 2011 that is still not complete? If you’re like most people there is a slight feeling of panic realizing that 2011 is slipping away so quickly.

Take a minute and put your overwhelming list of priorities into three categories. First, those emergent priorities that you think you can realistically complete by the end of 2011 (with or without help or extra resources). Second, the mid-range priorities that you had hoped to accomplish in 2011 and now realize that it’s more realistic to put them on the docket for the first quarter of 2012. And finally everything else on your list that you can easily put on your 2012 calendar and not feel guilty about putting off a little bit, the long-term priorities.

The emergent priorities require that you take action today. Call in extra resources, get a date on the calendar to get started, block out the time necessary to tackle this priority. The long-term priorities require that you block out time and perhaps set some dates on your calendar for 2012. This is time and energy well spent to put the priorities into action without a significant amount of time spent on the priority. The mid-range priorities fall somewhere in the middle. You may need to get started in order to finish by the end of Q1 and yet it’s not an all out emergency. Spend some time taking action with each priority even if it’s as simple as identifying a start date or setting a deadline.

Now, go get started on those emergent priorities. You can do it!

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