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Power Resume

Make your resume stand out from the crowd with metrics, career highlights, and significant accomplishments that will impress hiring managers and recruiters. There are three options to develop your professional resume: The Complete Power Resume, Power Resume Coaching, or the DIY Power Resume.

The Complete Power Resume

This package includes an initial coaching session to gain a complete understanding of your career, development of a draft resume, and a final session to review and finalize your resume. You will walk away with a strategic, professionally developed resume that will make you stand out from other job seekers for all of the right reasons!

Power Resume Coaching

If you want a powerful resume and you’re willing to invest some of your own time and energy in crafting it, this is a great option. This package includes the plug-n-play Power Resume Template, an initial coaching session to review the key attributes of the resume, and a follow-up coaching session to review and finalize the draft resume that you have developed.

DIY Power Resume

If you’re a do it yourself kind of person you might like the DIY Power Resume. This powerful package will point you in the right direction in a matter of hours. The Power Resume is a professional resume template that comes with an audio to walk you through all of the important aspects of developing your resume.

DIY Power Resume includes:

  1. The Power Resume audio
  2. A PDF sample showing what makes a Power Resume powerful
  3. A Power Resume Template for you to complete with your own information

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Amy did an excellent job for me.

She not only revised my resume, she “re-messaged” me. The result was a resume that set me apart from the crowd and put me at the top of many recruiter’s lists. I received very positive comments from prospective employers about my resume and, more importantly, received several attractive job offers. Amy also provided excellent coaching to get me get started with the search process. I highly recommend working with her.


~Gary C.
Professional Development Coaching Client

I am a believer!

I feel very good and believe I will hear back on both positions because of your program (DIY Power Resume). My success will be your success! You can teach an old dog new tricks.


Dan B.
DIY Power Resume Coaching Client