Starbucks gift cards are not thoughtful! (Employee Appreciation Day 2015)

3 ways to appreciate your employees on Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation DayYou have less than a week to prepare for Employee Appreciation Day 2015. It is officially on Friday, March 6th, 2015. Are you ready? Here are some ideas on how to be prepared to pamper your employees. You don’t have to go overboard but a little planning and thoughtful preparation can go a long way.

1.  Write a handwritten note of appreciation to your direct reports. Something nice, sentimental and appropriate to boast to their family and friends about over the weekend. (Words of Appreciation)

2.  A thoughtful gift (Starbucks gift cards are nice but hardly thoughtful). A gift card to their favorite local coffee shop, sandwich shop, a book you think they would like (my suggestions here), a beautiful terrarium for their desk or home will go farther than a obligatory Starbucks card. Make it personal and thoughtful, after all, it is about them. (Gifts of Appreciation)

3.  Do something for your employees. If rumor has it that the employee break room coffee stinks break the bank and upgrade as part of your appreciation this year. Is parking a problem for your employees? Find a way to solve or reduce the price of parking for your team. Do something that will make an impact on their day as a way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. (Acts of Appreciation)

More tips on appreciation can be learned from the book 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work.

Comment below with your fresh ideas for Employee Appreciation Day 2015.

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