The Seven “P” Rule

The Seven “P” Rule

I was this  . close to naming my business Seven Pea Consulting. That’s how passionate I am about this rule. Buckle up and get ready for a powerful lesson.

The Seven P Rule is actually an old military adage, British I think? It also happens to be the supreme foundation for my dad’s parenting style and as an adult I’ve grown to like and appreciate the message very much.

Planning properly for all of life’s adventures is important not only because you will be able to perform better but you will also have a good understanding of what ‘good’ and ‘great’ performance is. Imagine running a marathon without the proper training…you finish…barely…and can’t walk for a week! The toll the marathon took on your body has caused you to be out of athletic commission for 6 months. But hey, you finished even though it took you 8 hours. Not bad.

By adding some training you may have achieved a 5-hour marathon with a few aches and pains afterwords but you feel fine after a couple of days = Good.

Proper planning, good training and nutrition could also land you in the sub 4-hour category with minor soreness for a day = Great.

Would you consider flying a 747 loaded with passengers without the proper planning and training? No Way! Too risky.

What about managing a team of people? Leading a company? Managing your company’s largest account? Turning around an under performing employee? Doubling your sales goal? Increasing your staff by 25%? Merging with another company? Buying a new business? …someone stop me because I could keep going forever.

The point is that you should not do any of these things without employing some type of proper PLAN. The plan could include training, adding staff, hiring a coach, outsourcing to a consultant and so on.

This is where The Seven P Rule comes in…Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. You have to have PLAN to perform well and most importantly to know what good and great performance is. Sure you can bumble through some of these things and you may find that it turns out okay but do you really know that it was Good or Great? A plan will ensure that you know when you’ve hit the target.

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