The Value of an Accountablity Partner

If you’re like me you have big dreams for yourself. Those dreams if not put into action could sit on your desk for weeks or even months unless you do something to put them into motion.

In October of 2011 I was sitting at a meeting of professional coaches when the speaker said something that touched me deeply. She said,  “the number one thing that professional coaches can do to sabotage their career is to neglect hiring a coach for themselves.” Ouch. I have worked with some incredibly talented coaches especially when I was starting my business and developing a strong foundation. Once I got the wheels in motion in 2010 I promptly began working with clients and focusing on the art of running my business. The comment in the fall of 2011 was somewhat of an awakening. As if the cosmos were looking out for me I quickly got acquainted with a professional coach for the pure purpose of holding me accountable to the agenda I have set for myself.

This professional coach and I meet weekly and she is responsible for pushing me to achieve the things I set out to achieve in an encouraging way. The results speak for themselves. 2012 has started out by hitting my goals for January, launching three new tools (HR Desk Audit, Coaching Readiness Assessment and a Referral Rewards Program). Knowing that each week I need to report on my progress, or lack thereof, and being coached around the task list I have set forth brings enormous accountability to my business. Accountability brings results.

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