…thoughts on Performance Management

Employee ReviewCreating a Performance Management tool for one of my client company’s is by far the simplest part of the process. Yes, it takes time to develop a tool that will fit with the culture of the company, one that will motivate individual performers and develop a plan to implement the tool for my client…but that’s nothing.

The real value of having a Performance Management tool comes from actually using it. This is a very hands on, one-on-oneĀ  process for a manager and employee. The manager has to very thoughtfully direct the process including the content and conversation. Beyond that they must also keep the the conversation and subsequent commitments active. This is by far the hardest part.

I wish I could wave a magic wand but this is one of the areas where good managers are separated from great managers. I’ve witnessed this time investment pay off and even heard from a manager today who exclaimed the positive ROI of taking the time with a struggling employee. It’s worth it…your team deserves your full attention on their development.

Let’s here from you. Tell me about your positive and negative experiences with Performance Management (aka the “Employee Review” process).

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