Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday here is a throwback of the most popular blog posts on my HR Consulting site. I hope you enjoy them, again!

1. Suit or No Suit; What should you wear to a job interview?

2. Book Review: How Full is Your Bucket?

3. Four Tips to Overcome Self Imposed Limitations

4. Ready, Set, STOP – The truth about false starts and how they impact your career

5. The Seven ‘P’ Rule

Amy McGeachy
Amy McGeachy, age 5

If this picture doesn’t say future HR Consultant, rule follower, entrepreneur and fashionista I don’t know what does!

My grandpa carried my kindergarten picture in his wallet and in 1996 we made a deal that when he was gone the picture would go to me (agreed to and signed on the back). I’ve kept it in my office ever since. Yes, that’s Annie AND Winnie the Pooh all in one outfit.



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Amy McGeachy, PHRAmy McGeachy is an HR Consultant & Professional Development Coach in Portland Metro Area. Amy is a certified HR Professional (PHR) through the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a Certified Coach through the Coach Training Alliance (CTA) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Amy works with businesses in the areas of training, recruitment, employee relations and strategic HR. Contact Amy to learn more.

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