Top 5 Reasons You May Need an Executive Coach

Top 5 Reasons You May Need an Executive Coach

At networking events I often get the question “Why would I need to work with an executive coach?” There is a good reason for most business professionals to work with a coach and I can assure you that the ROI is significant. A recent study said that the ROI for Executive Coaching is 529%. That sounds astronomical but believe it! I work with a business coach myself to push me further and during one of our sessions I recall saying, “That was the best money I ever spent.” Clients are able to get to goals more quickly, make profound business decisions and advance further than they would otherwise.

1. Stuck. You’ve been at an impasse when it comes to your career for sometime and while you’d like to see some movement you’re stuck in the middle of the gridlock.

2. New Manager. Most new managers need frequent coaching to cement strong leadership techniques and to provide a mirror in order to develop the style that you really want.

3. Build on Strengths. You’re good at what you do. Others tell you this often, but how do you build on those strengths to catapult you to expert status in your career?

4. Unmet Goals. Last year’s goals were not met (and for good reason) and you’re determined to not let that happen again.

5. Push Further. People tend to work harder if they are held accountable and having a coach to help you set realistic and challenging goals knowing that they will hold you accountable is divine.

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