Will you look at my resume?

I get this question a lot! In an effort to be extremely transparent I thought I would just answer the question here on my blog. For those who are considering sending me a resume this will probably push you one way or the other. That’s my hope anyway!

I have over 12 years of Human Resource experience much of that was spent in an executive search firm where I was a Vice President. Throughout the years I have partnered with many Fortune 500 hiring managers who were looking to add A+ talent to their team. America’s Most Admired Companies don’t settle for second best and what might seem to be the tiniest gaffe on a resume will eliminate a candidate for a position. It’s here that I developed my very specific opinions about the recruitment process and what makes some candidates first round hiring picks and other candidates longing for a job. Alas, will you look at my resume?

Of course! I love to help business professionals get to the next step in their career and I would talk all day about this for pleasure.

That said, I’m a business professional and in order to fund my hobby I do have to accept payment for my services. To help determine if I am the right fit for you please note that my ideal clients include;

1)      Business professionals – This could be someone at any stage of their business career from the most senior level professional to someone just graduating from business school. Some parents even go as far as to give this service as a graduation present. I focus on business professionals because that’s my area of expertise and I feel confident that I can make a big impact. So, if you’re a teacher, scientist or doctor I’m probably not the coach for you. The same is true if you are a bus driver, grocery clerk or construction worker.

2)      People who are coachable – Clients need to be able to listen to feedback and use it to their benefit. Most of my clients would describe me as candid and if you’re paying me to get results I believe you deserve my candid advice. Also, one of my favorite things about coaching individuals is being their accountability partner. My clients who find the most success are the one’s who took their job search strategy or action items and followed through on their deadlines. They are coachable.

3)      Those willing to invest in the process  – This means investing both time and money into the process. Our partnership can take on many forms however, I have yet to coach someone who didn’t have their own sweat equity into their resume on some level. Also, investing in the process financially means you are taking your search process seriously.

Yes, I will take a look at your resume and give you my honest opinion about whether or not you could use some help. Feel free to send it my way and expect my candid response. Cheers!

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